Toy Maker of Lunenburg

Along with buying Canadian, we encourage people to purchase fewer - but more durable toys - ones that are timeless and passed down through generations. 

Parents should look for toys that challenge your child's imagination - don't get drawn into buying flashy toys where your child is entertained by someone else's imagination. 

​Children like playing with the box more than the toy - ask yourself why? - because your children get to express their imaginations! Allow them to explore and develop without expectations. 

Get involved with your child's play time. There is no greater regret than missing out on your child growing up.

We are pleased to announce that The Toy Maker of Lunenburg​ is under new ownership and will remain a proud “Made in Nova Scotia” manufacturing company. The previous owner, the new owners Ray Syvitski and Elke Uribe, and the retail stores are very excited that the long history of high-quality products and the solid reputation of the Toymaker of Lunenburg will continue.