dfang - 4 tier folding mat (4 patterns)

$429.99 USD $359.99 USD

Korean Luxury Dfang PVC Mat - Upgrade your home with a taste

This Dfang mat will fit different styles of home. Your home will no longer look like a playground but with a TASTE. Modern; Minimal; Long-lasting; are the words you will use to describe Dfang PVC mats.

Product Description
Imported: Korea
Style: Foret
Material: PVC

  • Made in Korea

  • Eco-friendly: a promise to your children and the environment; hygienic and pollutant-proof product. 

  • Safe: non-slip surface with specially embossed patterns. 4 cm thick, extra cushioning protects children from hard impact while playing or falling on the mat. 

  • Noise-Absorbing

  • PVC materials, permeable, anti-fatique

  • Waterproof, anti-discolouring, easy to clean

  • 4 cm thickness

240 cm (w) x 140 cm (h) x 4 cm (t)
95" (w) x 55" (h) x 1.6" (t)

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