Tutti Frutti - Dinosaur Land Scented Modelling Dough Kit

$15.99 USD

Dive into the Jurassic era with the different dinosaur molds included in this kit!

Tutti-Frutti smells like real fruits, is outstandingly fun to manipulate, and does not crumble. Plus, it is re-hydratable and can be mixed to create a great variety of colours. This Dinosaur pack comes with 3 tubs of Tutti Frutti scented dough, each with a unique, yummy aroma (strawberry, banana, and blueberry).

  • 3 cans of 128g (4.5oz) (lime, blueberry, strawberry)
  • 4 dino pressure molds
  • 1 pair of plastic scissors
  • 1 plastic knife
  • 1 rolling pin